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Each of these links either has been uniquely helpful in the development of The Vortex, or would be among my suggestions to dreamers searching for on-line resources. Have fun, explore, and send me your suggestions and additions.

[IMAGE] 90% BrainCreative Alternatives

Of particular interest: "Lucid Dreaming Can Be Learned & Utilized"
Author: Mel Saunders
Get The Other Ninety Percent. Many small articles taken from the "100% Brain Course", a cassette tape series in fulfilling the human mind's potential. Order form inevitable; read fast. LOTSA LINKS. Index yours, too!

[IMAGE] Re-Membering the DreamDreamages, A Primer (added 11/23/99)

Authors: Timothy Tate and Barrett Golding;
© Dross LLP

A Visit To The Dreaming. This place is as surreal and, well, dreamlike as you can get while still providing useful information. It's as much of a roller coaster ride as it is an informational lecture, with a slight interactive feel as you are invited to click here, click there, talk to the shrink, watch the movie. Also includes a BBS called "Pillow Talk: A dialog amongst dreamers" and the DreamWave Scribe (journalling software).

[IMAGE] The Fly-By-Night ClubDream Flights

Linda Lane Magallón, Founder
Robert Wagonner, President, Mysterious E-Mail Address

See 'Em In Your Dreams. Linda Magallón & co. indulge in recreational dreaming.

Note: Sadly, the FBN Club is no longer active. This link will let you read about their past projects, as well as Magallón's 15 years of research.

Dream Interpretation Online


This one's just getting off the ground – so head on over and help 'em out! There are a couple of pages of basics, but the main attraction is a Free Online Dream Journal you can use to track themes and symbols in your daily dreams. Getting a User ID takes about two clicks, and then your super private online dream journal is ready to use! And if you interpret dreams yourself, when you're done with the dreams here on this site you might hop over to Dream Interpretation Online and offer your servers.


Removed 5/2/2001 - The domain appears to be gone entirely. CNet says the journalling software is no longer available for download, but PCWorld still has it.

[IMAGE] Electric DreamsElectric Dreams

Editor: Richard Wilkerson

Monthly e-zine containing a cross-section of just about anything dream related. Articles, news, reviews, advertisements, connections, sneak previews, a bit of this, a dab of that. Have a taste.

[IMAGE] Healing DreamsHealing Dreams

Keeper: Harry Bosma

In The Cave of The Oracle. A site dedicated to the interaction between dreams and our physical bodies. Harry also writes a dreamplay application called Alchera — from what this chronicler has seen, it's a nice one! The user records his/her dreams in the computerized journal, and is then prompted with interpretation games and aids. Expect a full review from me sooner or later...

[IMAGE] Lucid DreamsLucidity Institute Home Page

Keepers: Stephen LaBerge's Lucidity Institute

The Lucid Dreaming Bible. Tons of great info with a side of dogma from the institute whose founder brought lucid dreaming to the respect of the scientific community. Like most scientists, they think they know everything and they want you to buy their inventions. Salt shaker recommended.

Bonus: An enjoyable series of fables from Idries Shah's The Subtleties of the Inimitable Mulla Nasrudin.

[IMAGE] MythosThe New Mythology

Keeper: Dominic Sagolla

Archetypes For Our Time. Picks up where Jung left off. Based heavily upon science fiction, e.g. Star Wars and Dune.

[IMAGE] TravelingTraveling Beyond the Body

Keeper: Alan Guiden

Just An Ordinary, Average Guy. Sporadic articles act as a foil for Alan Guiden's on-line book, Traveling: An Accidental Expert's How To Leave Your Body Handbook (sequel now available). Down-to-earth, humorous, "100% Jargon Free". Bonus: maintained by a fellow sorta New Orleanian.

[IMAGE] Playing with DreamsWorking (and playing) with Dreams

Keeper: John Suler, Ph.D.

1001 Ways to Tweak Your Psyche. A well-written article covering some fifteen different Gestaltish tricks for understanding dream imagery and emotions.

moon phases
The Moon Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures

Keepers (from left to right:
Time Service Department; U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C.

What Phase Is It? Dreaming is such a lunar activity, whether you sleep during the day or the night, that it can be helpful to keep track of the phase of the moon. The U.S. Naval Observatory allows you to go back or forward in time (1800-2199 A.D) to see what the moon was doing at just about any time you could be curious about.

If all you need is today's phase, or if you wish to display an up-to-the-minute image of the moon on your page, you can also check out CalculatorCat's free Moon Phase Module. You can also purchase CalculatorCat's QuickPhase which lets you get the moon phase for any past or future time without having to be online.

Now if only someone would find me a lunar astrology almanac site... Actually, who needs one when you have the phase and sign of the moon in your taskbar? It's called Lunabar and it's really keen.


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