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What's New - April 27, 2015

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So I've deleted everything in the database. Spambots are why we can't have nice things. When I get a moment, I'll install a bit of captcha goodness and maybe revamp the site. I haven't touched it in three years (to the day) and some things are getting rather dusty.

I hope your dreams are sweet and your spring has sprung springingly!


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Mon Apr 27 13:55:48 2015

"Examplifier" dreamt a dream, and called it
"Example dream, for your perusal"

First, you'll give your dream an evocative title in the filed above. Next, write the "story" of your dream here. Sign off with your "pseudonym"--not your real name, but rather something describing the character you were in the dream. Think of how letters written to advice columnists sign their messages. Finally, you may submit your email address if you are interested in receiving readers' responses by email. Your email address will not be exposed to spambots, nor will you get put on any mailing list. But if someone has some thoughts on your dream and submits them here, you'll get those in your email. That's all! Sweet dreams...

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