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This is where we come to dream.

In the midnight world, the walls between you & I grow thin. CORRESPONDENCE prevails over MATTER. Distance has no meaning.

Here our dreams interact.


Share your dreams ... Put your dreams in the Vortex. Offer interpretations for those already there.

Dear diary ... The Keeper of the Vortex dreams, too, from time to time.

Journaling tips ... So do you. Maximize your own dream recall. Begin to construct a map of your most private places.

A language lesson ... Each of us dreams in a different tongue. Begin to learn yours.

The dreaming web ... Links for futher study in the midnight world.


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And because I'm a writer, I feel morally obliged to join in the campaign for fairness and decency in publishing. Thus, this public service announcement:

"Looking for a book publisher? Don't get a scam publisher. If you want to publish America don't sign up with PublishAmerica!"

For more information, go here and here. Thank you for your patience, and we now return you to our regularly scheduled dreamy-dream website.


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